Each of our businesses is a champion of its place; its produce, its people and its landscapes.

Our colleagues, our producers, and their respective communities are integral to the vibrancy and sustainability of our businesses, so it is in our interest to work with them.

We work with community partners who have expertise in our communities and who share our focus on sustainable development and wellbeing, particularly among children and young people.




Cumbria Community Foundation manages our Westmorland Community Fund, a £1 million endowment fund through which we invest £100,000 per year to support initiatives that help build healthy, resilient communities.


We built Gloucester Services in partnership with Gloucestershire Gateway Trust, a community development charity. Through this unique partnership we invest a proportion of our annual sales, approx. £500,000 a year, into projects and community organisations that bring about sustainable positive change.



We encourage our colleagues to be involved in our communities and their own communities. Everyone who works for Westmorland Family can spend one paid working day each year taking part in volunteer activities that support the organisations we work with, and the causes we focus on.


We invite community organisations and local charities to our businesses throughout the year to raise awareness and funds to support their work. It makes us proud to have such caring customers, who give generously via our till collection points and foyer collections to local schools, mountain rescue teams, lifeboat crews, wildlife charities, Poppy Appeals and many other causes.


We work closely with the schools local to our businesses; hosting visits and putting on activities that promote food education. Through our community partners Gloucestershire Gateway Trust and Cumbria Community Foundation we also invest in projects that increase access to learning and career-development opportunities, and support mental and physical health and wellbeing.